Consortium Tour

We got invited along to the Consortium tour .. ostensibly to record how things went and feed back information to the bands about performance, but also to help out and be an extra pair of hands.

The tour went over 2 weekends with many miles in between. Cardiff - Birmingham - Sheffield - York then London - Devon - Bristol.
We took the full camera set-up, together with a number of lights, although we never used everything, the stages were really too small and most of the venues had "adequate" lighting.
At all venues (bar one) we used a timelapse camera to see what effect that would have - still to really see the impact beyond novelty values.

We used the main FoH camera at most venues, and then started adding a few as we went along ... Cardiff - 3, B'ham - 3, Sheffield - 5, York -5 , London - 0, Devon - 0, Bristol - 8

All the FoH footage was taken off and put onto a series of DVDs for evaluation and general giggles from all concerned. but if anything come out of it then we will publish the tracks on YouTube and link.