Circus Fun

Just before Christmas we were invited to record some video of a travelling circus, for promotional purposes. This was interesting with a mix of slapstick and acts. It also raises a question about sound tracks and licences to use? traditionally we have always worked with the bands playing the material.

after the individual act clips we then went on to make a "Show Reel" - this ended up longer than we would like - it was hard to get a good mix of enough dialog to carry the sketch but short enough to carry the momentum.

Wolfstone at Wickham

During the Summer of 2010 we planned to take time out and enjoy the Wickham festival - this was one that we had visited with Bluehorses and had a really pleasant atmosphere in a beautiful part of the country and close by.
In a moment of madness we took a flyer, and being long-time fans of Wolfstone we wrote a note asking if we could film them at the venue.
We could hardly believe it when they agreed, an so started a very productive few months. We filmed the set, then selected a number of the tracks to edit (in the end we did 9 of them). We used youTube to preview and approve each track before compiling them into a pair of DVDs - one with 5 tracks for demo purposes to be sent to prospective promoters, and one with all 9 as a loyalty bonus to fans.

Some clips from the show and DVDs.