Live video DVD production

In 2004 Bluehorses decided to issue a commercial DVD of their live set. the recording was planned to take place at the Saul festival in 2005, and arrangements were made for David Wheeler to direct a crew of professional camera men using state of the art cameras (way out of our league).

There were 5 main cameras at the event and these were edited down on a professional desk to provide the tracks used for the main content of the DVD. The remaining material and the production of the master DVD was down to us.

The live material provided some excellent learning points, and provided a good grounding for the future editing concepts and practice. The "extras" material was a mix of the usual staged interviews (all embarrassing now), some of the resultant clips from other live shows, and various clips of the band "off-duty".

the DVD took a while to compile to the quality required for a commercial release but again this provided excellent learning in how to build a product.

Some clips here