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Strange diversification, came about from a conversation and an "experience" day.

We had an opportunity to try out some simple glass manipulation. The conversation turned ot many things and ended up with the girls doing a full day starting with making glass flowers, through animals (bird in this instance), and ending up with a vase each.

As usual we had the cameras there, and we filmed the day. We also had time to film Jake doing some of his sculptural glass.

the resultant footage was edited down into a clip for each of  the combatants, which we then cut to a music track of their choice.  Here began the issues ... the track from Wolfstone was no problem at all, the nice people there had no hesitation. However we are still waiting to hear back from Nightwish (Wishmaster) and Afro Celt Sound System (whirl-y-gig #2). In the meantime we may just have to release the clips with the caveat and the copyright redirection