The reasoning experiment

The first stranger work we did was for The reasoning ... we filmed them at the Cambridge Rock Festival. After the first two clips were released (and used on an included DVD with the album) the band members changed and they were no longer current. Seems to be a fact of life with this work.

We later recorded them at the Robin2 in Bilsdon (Wolverhampton), then as we were unable to commit the time to edit the whole film, we surrendered the material. We believe this was used in a DVD but since I don't believe we were ever credited nor acknowledged I cannot be certain.
Anyway this proved the breaking of the relationship,

The two clips

13 fires released

With the release of 13 Fires by Bluehorses which also coincided with shuffles in bass players. We arranged to film a series of gigs and set them to the soundtrack of the album version. This proved not as difficult as it first seemed, as the band were very consistent in their delivery of the tunes, but also in the manner we had developed in editing to the beat.

By now we also had moved on to a couple of High definition cameras to compliment the old stable. The results were still produced for You Tube consumption , but edited to SD resolution.

Also by this time Youtube and our ability to define the video (resolution, bit rate, etc.) were improving so the results continued to improve.

the 13 Fires set of videos