Rhino campaign and Warren

Warren  approached me to help him with a video for his tune about the Rhinos and providing sanctuary...  Who are we to refuse!

The discussions went along the lines of where can we get some Rhinos? how can we show the message, is there any footage we can use ...  can the campaign groups help. the answer to all of this was stunned silence..

So we ended up with the idea of a picture show, and some green screen shots of Warren.

Warren came around to our place and we put up the green screen in the garage ..  good thing it is only him and an acoustic guitar.
First off we struggled to get the green screen straight, then the lighting was not good, but eventually we got a couple of takes on three camera so we could vary the angle.

This initial footage proved difficult to mask out, but we learned a lot about lighting. so Warren popped around one evening and we went for take 2 ...

this time lots of white light ...  the take was a lot more successful, but now we had issues with reflection from the shiny guitar, and this was being keyed out ...  but eventually we fiddled with the parameters and got something sensible.

Next we collated a load of Rhino pictures and compiled a slide show with some tweaks ,, and pulled it all together..

now published ...