Peatbog faeries, Wickham 2013

We have been allowed to film the Peatbog faeries at Wickham festival again this year.

The Peatbogs played a set mainly based around their last album with some old favourites thrown in. Unlike last time Tom (guitar) was playing, however the horns were not there this time, which changed some of the dynamics and gave rise to a number of different arrangements to the last time.

We had 12 cameras going through the show so we should have some good video, although one of  the cameras on the Drums failed to give a full recording. With the Peatbogs headlining the set was around one hour 20 mins, so there was some strategic change of batteries and media in a number of the older devices.

We had to fight for position among all the photographers as well as the crew filming for the festival, however the longer the show went on the less these people stayed, and the more freedom we got.

Next we will edit the clips down and see what transpires.