Sankara - Guided by Degrees album launch

Back again to the Buffalo bar in Cardiff, this time to mark the album launch by the band Sankara. A slight change in line-up since the EP release with Rhayn leaving to be replaced by Artie and the boosting to 5 members with a second guitarist Paul.

Learning from last time and the appalling lighting we had invested in some lights, this appears to be the start of a slippery slope with the necessity to continue investing until you could light the runway at Heathrow .. we have already spotted deficiencies in the rig and added some spots. However for this show we had 8 LED Parcams driven through a sound sensitive controller (it was a bit too sensitive this outing, and next time we may need to be  a little more canny - that's the learning curve). High on the shopping list is a smoke machine and perhaps a laser or two.

The show went down well with most of the tracks form the CD and those from the EP getting an airing.

We had 9 cameras going for this show, although one of the FoH  ones gained some interference from the flags hanging from the ceiling. the most spectacular was the drum cam that really benefited from the lights.

One other thing to remember for next time (if there is to be one) ....  the stairs !!!!

In order to keep track of all the equipment we had invested in a fantastic road trunk ... great for holding everything together (including most of the lighting stuff) unfortunately ***king heavy, and nearly impossible to get up the stairs .. we only just managed by emptying it all out. Once there is was a great platform and raised the FoH cameras to the proper height required and left room to stand behind. Getting it down again was equally a hard graft ...  next time I may need to look for a better solution.

As usual video tracks will be added as they are published.