Wolfstone at Wickham

During the Summer of 2010 we planned to take time out and enjoy the Wickham festival - this was one that we had visited with Bluehorses and had a really pleasant atmosphere in a beautiful part of the country and close by.
In a moment of madness we took a flyer, and being long-time fans of Wolfstone we wrote a note asking if we could film them at the venue.
We could hardly believe it when they agreed, an so started a very productive few months. We filmed the set, then selected a number of the tracks to edit (in the end we did 9 of them). We used youTube to preview and approve each track before compiling them into a pair of DVDs - one with 5 tracks for demo purposes to be sent to prospective promoters, and one with all 9 as a loyalty bonus to fans.

Some clips from the show and DVDs.